Norse Data Collection Software


NorseView is our GPR data collection software developed with consideration of the requirements of modern GPR systems. The software operates on multiple platforms (Apple/ Android/ Windows machines) and is used primarily to control the GPR system and collect data on a PC, laptop or tablet device. During survey, GPR data is displayed real-time allowing the user to view specific positions of interest. Our systems collect maximum data and allow for post processing to remove unwanted samples. All data is recorded in a ‘Norse’ file (.nrs) with time stamping allowing maximum post processing ability and correction for position error. Our GPR cart provides position data via 1-4 encoder wheels, alternately, other positioning systems can be directly interfaced via USB. Position information may be saved directly in the generated Norse data file for post processing. NorseView is continually being updated and improved to meet the demands of the latest GPR system requirements.

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