1 December 2008

Time of Flight Ranging

RF-Based Time-of-Flight Locationing System

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To develop an narrow-band RF-based Time-of-Flight (TOF) locationing system with sub-meter positioning resolution which can be used to location nodes within wireless sensor networks (WSNs). This will enable accurate locationing without the requirement of wired infrastructure and synchronisation between devices. Further development will involve the adaption of these techniques to relative locationing algorithms.

RF Time-of-Flight based locationing system

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is an identified technology for management, control and security of not only assets but also locationing and tracking in applications such as the movement of personnel in  specialised environments.
Previous techniques of achieving high accuracy two and three dimensional position estimations have used Timedifference-of-arrival (TDOA) ranging with fixed reference architectures. Those systems require wired infrastructure between references for data transfer and timing synchronisation which sets constraints on the system limiting its applications. This project aims to develop an RF-based locationing system without the requirement of wired infrastructure and timing synchronisation. This will no only allow the techniques to be used in fixed reference node locationing systems, but also in relative locationing systems.

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