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Norse is a new GPR development company with the expertise to research and develop new novel and bespoke Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) systems. We are always working to expand our range of off-the-shelf products to meet the full spectrum of GPR systems.

We currently have a range of hardware solutions including single-channel and multi-channel controllers as well as software for control and data extraction. Pictured are some of our development projects including our robust GPR cart designed to accommodate a range of Norse antennas. We aim to make our systems robust and fully configurable to fully accommodate ever changing GPR requirements.

The Norse cart can be used for Norse Radar single and multi-channel systems and has a range of features including foldable handles, a brake, integrated GPS pole and 1-4 encoder wheel mounting. For further details on our solutions, please contact us.

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Dynamic team

Norse utilises in-house and external resource to manufacture GPR solutions. We provide a service for both Electronic and Mechanical design and assembly.

Rich experience

Norse has expertise with 20+ years’ experience in the development of radio frequency electronics systems, we also have external resource available for those challenging projects.

Friendly Support

We aim to support our customers entirely with GPR research and development as well as product aftermarket care and support.

Competitive prices

Although we aim to produce rugged and heavy duty products, we also aim to have very competitive pricing for all our products and services.

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